dart interface for mac

Stop sending stupid* emails


Is email really broken? Or are we all just using email a little bit inefficiently? 91% of people we surveyed said that they put off replying to an email because the response would take too much time.

Another 84% said they got frustrated having to wait for answers to simple emails. We're in that 84% for sure - so we built Dart.

*Your emails aren't really stupid

it's email but a little different

Dart lets you set predefined answers in your emails so the recipient just has to click a button to reply - no worrying about composing a message, less opportunity for procrastination and most importantly, totally unambiguous.

Right now, Dart is a Mac app that lives in your menu bar until you need it. You can either send a Dart message with answers you define, or if you really have to send a short message, switch to regular mode where we give you a whole 200 characters to help you get your message across.

There's an iOS and Android version in the works and check out our plans for the future


Why email?

You know what the world doesn't need? Another messaging service. Email is everywhere, and despite what people who make HTML emails for a living might argue - email clients use web standards - so anyone that can open an HTML email, can receive and reply to a Dart message.
Yep, even Outlook users.

example email received from dart

Restricting verbosity

Having studied the kind of messages we often receive (and if we're honest, send too) a lot of the time the intent is to get a really simple answer to a question - quickly, but instead we end up firing off a lengthy missive full of ambiguity and unnecessary formality.

Questions such as, which version of the design shall we use? Which restaurant shall we meet at? Will you be home in time for dinner? And important stuff like, what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

blah de blah

happy accidents

As we were developing and testing Dart, it occurred to us that not only is this a great way to engage with certain types of emails with a regular email client - but what about when you're on the move? either on your mobile device, wearable or perhaps even on your in-car UI. Because Dart messages require zero typing to respond, the potential for answering emails with a single tap is suddenly possible. The benefits are obvious from a convenience point of view, but also think about safety. You can now respond to a message whilst running, sitting at traffic lights or juggling armfuls of shopping.

on a gadget

Apple Watch and iOS

The iOS version of Dart is almost ready too. Featuring support for the forthcoming Apple Watch, and push notifications so you can answer messages right from your iPhone's or Apple Watch notification screen with a single tap. Expect a release in the next couple of weeks

on a frickin watch!

Future plans for dart

Imagine replying to an email on your Car dashboard with a single touch. Forget hoverboards, this is the future.